I'm trying out something new...
I'm going to test out a Forum for my site. 
If enough people post, I will upgrade the forum so 
you can make a TCC account!!
At the moment, you can log in with many different accounts
such as: facebook, twitter, google, yahoo, msn and more!

I get quite a few comments and emails 
and figured we could all talk crochet together!

You can click the "Crochet Community" tab above
or click here 
and be taken to the forum.

You don't have to talk crochet.
Talk about your day, your life, your kids, politics (lol), etc.

Please try it out!
Every post counts because it will get more to join!
Remember, if enough people post I will upgrade the forum for more fun stuff!!

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He Speaks for the trees!

   My youngest son is, absolutely, obsessed with The Lorax. He watches it multiple times a day, and his 1st Birthday is this Friday (October 18th) and he's turning 1!!!! My babies are getting soooo big!

   Since it's his favorite cartoon I decided to make him The Lorax for his birthday (even though I already gave it to him).

This is a easy pattern and I plan to make another, more improved, version of The Lorax with a fuzzier yarn. This version is more durable, since it's made with Red Heart medium worsted weight, and is made fuzzy by simply brushing the finished pieces before attaching them. 
Easy Right!

This pattern will be up on my Etsy and Ravelry, hopefully, in the next 3-5 days. 

Corrections Academy has been kicking my but, so please bare with me.

I haven't had much time lately to update my blog/site, but I recently finished a custom ordered project for a returning customer. It was a pretty big item but I am very pleased with the out come and think it's one of my greatest projects yet.

This project was c.o.m.p.l.i.c.a.t.e.d to do...but, now that I've written the pattern, it's much easier. I am currently selling this pattern for $6.99 and have coupon codes you can see at the bottom of this blog.

It took me a total of 7 days of 2-5 hours of work to finish. It will definitely be quicker next time, now that I have the pattern to look at lol.

You can find this pattern , and many more, on my etsy and ravelry stores (buttons on the right side of the page).

Buy Basket Weave jacket pattern and get another pattern 1/2 off on Ravelry

10% off purchase on Etsy

Live, Craft, Love
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ends 6/30/13

If you make a purchase, you'll be emailed another coupon as well!!

Look to the right for my etsy button. 
Click on 
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Live, Craft, Love!
   It's been a while, since I last posted something. I've been updating my store and adding items, but not posting any new blogs. A lot has been going on....

   I passed my G.E.D test on the 11th of may..woohooooo!!!! 
   I also celebrated Daimion's 22nd birthday 5.28.13. 

Here's a pic of the cake I made him. It was marble with chocolate filling and cream cheese frosting. 
Can anyone say yumm!?!?!?!
   Well, my wonderfully brilliant fiance decided to try to be sweet and bake me a pot pie. He pre-heated the oven WITH his birthday cake in it.....It was horrible!  It's the thought that counts though *twitch*.

   I now sell finished products on my etsy site (look to the right for the button).
   I made and shipped my first order that needed mailing. Look below. (Yayy!!)

     It's that time of year that you listen out for that bell and cart. The time of year your heart stops with every bell or horn you hear outside your window. TIME FOR CORN!

   I searched the internet for this delicious recipe and every recipe had at least one comment saying it tasted NOTHING like corn-man corn. Soooo....I decided to take key elements from each recipe (add in my own twist for spicy lovers) and this beautiful creation was born!!


Chance to win 1 free pattern 
from Tawana's Cute Crochet store!!!

All you have to do is Like this page and share the most recent status posted(the status with the contest details), and you are automatically entered in to win! Try to spread the word around for many people to enjoy!!

Contest ends Sunday at 6pm Pacific time. I will post on my page (linked above) the winner Sunday night, at random using randompicker.com .

Enjoy and as always
Live, Craft, Love!
    This beanie was really fun to play with. I think it would look great in a variety of colors.

Idk why , but I've been playing around with Post stitches. I think they are the greatest things for 2 reasons. 

1. they a very easy to learn and master
2. even though they're easy they make a piece look complicated and like you spent way more time then you actually did.

This beanie took me literally no more then 3 hours to make, and that's with my kids driving me insane! It fits an average teen/ adult.
Let's get started!

   This headband ties in the back and is an adjustable pattern for any head size. It's also VERY easy and looks great for everyday wear!

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